Last night revelers rung in the New Year at Glasslands, at what was also the Williamsburg venue's last night ever. (Thanks Vice.) Photographer Sai Mokhtari was there to capture the final farewell, the packed house, and of course the bands. The lineup, which wasn't revealed ahead of time, featured Sky Ferreira, DIIV, Smith Westerns, and Beverly.

Mokhtari noted that the night "made it clearer than ever that we need to have a serious talk with ourselves about our cell phone usage. You could have looked up at any given time and found at least a dozen lit up faces hunched over their glowing phones." Click through and see how many you can spot!

Also see if you can spot the anti-VICE all over the venue, which will now become part the media company's offices. RIP Glasslands. RIP Williamsburg. RIP Brooklyn. Etc.