Yesterday we witnessed a friend taking photos of things he had written "Scene From My Life, Brooklyn, NY" on. Napkins, menus...things around a bar in Red Hook. It was for a website of the same name, An amazing idea that has people from all over the world photographically document one week of their life.

The concept is simple. Each day, one new photo will be posted on the site. A photographer is assigned to shoot one photo a day for seven days. The photo can be of anything the photographer wants. The only guideline is that the photo that's posted has to have been taken within the past 24 hours. After the week is up a new photographer in a new location will contribute a week's worth of photos and so on.

The purpose of the site is to show a wide range of photos from a wide range of place from an eclectic mix of photographers. You don't need be a professional photographer to contribute as this is really more about snapshots from our daily lives.

2006_04_arts_sfml.jpgThis week New York has been the subject. The photos included finding the bathroom at CBGB's, midnight photo shoots in alleys, riding a bike down 6th Street and more. The last one in the New York series was taken yesterday, the napkins and magazines were tossed aside and the idea to write the words on people came about, check out the result here (scroll down).

The site, run by Southpaw poster designer, Jon Setzen, used to be called A Day in the Life...and the publisher of this site even took some photos for it.

Photo by Glenn Peoples