It appears that the Standard Hotel has heard the cries of the public the Daily News and put curtains on the windows in the top floor bathrooms. Now, patrons of the Boom Boom Room are free from the prying peepers of anyone with a lunar telescope since, as we pointed out earlier this week, the exposed bathrooms are pretty high up there.

But no matter. Some of the restrooms' windows are now tastefully covered with black curtains, and you'll still be able to peer out at the city while taking a wiz, though now no one will be able to peer up at you. A manager at the Standard told the Daily News that the open view was a mistake, and that curtains had hung in the bathrooms before getting removed. "They were doing renovations and forgot to put them back up," he said.

And while innocent souls on the High Line will may now be spared even the possibility of an illicit urinary glimpse, gentlemen will be happy to know that the men's room urinals, pictured above, remain unchanged. "You get a great view from the urinal," one patron, Douglas Lennox, told the Daily News. "It feels like you're peeing on New York." Keep it classy, Standard.