2005_04_arts_nara.jpgIncase you aren't into spending your Sunday rubbing elbows with Elton there is another art auction being held today. This one to raise money for the Critical Art Ensemble Legal Defense Fund, in particular artist Steve Kurtz and scientist Robert Ferrell. Kurtz, the founding member of the Critical Art Ensemble artist collective, is at the center of this case and is being prosecuted by the US Government in a mistaken bioterrorism charge. You can read the full story here.

The two will defend themselves against politically-motivated federal charges of mail and wire fraud, as well as bioterrorism accusations. The auction today is to raise funds to offset Mr. Kurtz’s legal fees and to help to protect the first amendment. More info here. Last year CNN covered this story and the questions that arose from it, mainly on the boundaries of personal expression.

Details: Paula Cooper Gallery 521 West 21st Street (Second Floor)
Viewing and Silent Auction 2 - 8 PM, Live Auction 5 - 7 PM

[Artist: Yoshitomo Nara]