It’s safe to say that most people who’ve owned smartphones have, at some point, damaged their device. Gone are the days of flip phones that were made of brick and could withstand 12-hour marathons in your back pocket. Advanced technology is fragile!

For fun, we asked a few Gothamist staffers for some broken-phone anecdotes that, unfortunately, others might relate to. Have any of these things happened to you?

  • I went to the bathroom and was texting simultaneously. You can fill in the rest of the story.
  • There were a bunch of free bagels in a bag outside my local cafe, which delighted me to no end. I took a handful of bagels to photograph (and eventually eat), but I accidentally dropped everything. My instinct was to save a bagel and not the phone, which shattered on the pavement. I threw the last bagel at a tree.
  • I went running in the rain, and my phone went flying. Goodbye screen. Never run in the rain.

Hundreds of thousands of people are, at this very moment, walking around with damaged phones—it’s everything from shattered screens to sticky home buttons and wonky charging outlets. It’s practically indecent. Come on people, you don’t need to live like this!

Enter CellSavers—they’re the only device repair service that fixes your phone or tablet wherever and whenever is convenient for you. The price tag is affordable, and services come with a lifetime guarantee. The average arrival time is less then 60 minutes and the actual repair takes no time! (That’s way faster than a schlep to and from the local repair shop.)

Alas, we had an iPhone in the office in need of a little TLC—the screen had been pretty badly shattered in one of those classic “I literally cannot believe I just did that” drops. So we invited CellSavers to save the day using their simple online booking system. The whole thing took less time than for one staffer to finish a sandwich, if that’s helpful comparison. Check out our experience below!

Sean, the CellSavers technician/magician/super hero

Sean from CellSavers arrives. Hi Sean!

For fun, we ask the craziest place he’s ever repaired a phone. “On the subway platform,” Sean says. “This guy was in a rush to a meeting, and he called from the train! But hey, that’s New York, right?”

Now the work begins. Using a set of small screwdrivers, Sean removes the LCD screen from the iPhone housing. He then removes several small parts from within the phone. This will allow him to replace the entire screen.

The new screen is delicately lowered into the iPhone housing. All the small parts are screwed back in.

Like magic, the phone snaps back together.
Sean makes some final adjustments to ensure alignment, and viola! The phone is as good as new, in roughly twenty minutes. Talk about serious technology superheroes.


Since 2015, CellSavers has successfully repaired nearly 100,000 devices—here in New York City and throughout the country. Repairs are all done right before your very eyes, and all Savers are carefully vetted, background checked and tested to ensure the best quality service.

Got a device that needs fixing? Contact CellSavers today.

CellSavers is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded by Eyal Ronen and Itai Hirsch.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between CellSavers and Gothamist staff.