2005_02_artstonicsign.jpgWhen Gothamist was in college...in Rhode Island...we remember coming all the way to Tonic for a show. Since then we've become residents just down the block from that venue and have seen everyone from Medeski, Martin & Wood to Marc Ribot to Inouk perform there. Don't let this place get turned into a 3-story super club or luxury apartments. Do what you can. The below is from the management of Tonic:

Since 1998 Tonic has been a haven for creative music. We have helped nurture the vital community of musicians and audiences who keep this music alive. Now we are in danger of closing and ask you to help us keep Tonic alive.

Over the past few years we have suffered a series of blows: our rent has doubled since 1998, our insurance costs have tripled, weve been robbed, and weve been plagued by the expense of maintaining a building in ill repair -- including the collapse of our main sewer line. Any of these things would be challenging on their own but together theyve taken a more serious toll and we are now facing the threat of eviction.

Tonic will have their first fundraiser tomorrow with John Zorn at 8pm. Visit Tonic's website for more info on the closing and how you can help save the venue. Also of note, Ben Lee will be performing @ Tonic on February 24th (tickets not yet on sale.)