While you were out enjoying the night for no reason, others were out enjoying the night for a cause. And that cause is to be able to enjoy many nights, more often, forever and ever. The Nightlife Preservation Community... is something that exists, and it was launched by the NY Nightlife Association on Monday. It's here to help you go out more often, stay out later, and age quicker—like Chloe Sevigny over there.

The kick off event was held at M2 Ultralounge and according to the invite we got, was to be "attended by hundreds of industry owners, managers and employees as well as many elected officials." Miss Sevigny hosted (donning a plea to free her brother's nightclub) and the plan is to mobilize the troops and "get behind elected officials and candidates for public office who understand how important the cultural, economic and social roles, a vibrant night time economy plays for New York City."

According to the press release, last year more people enjoyed nightlife in the city "than The Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Giants, Jets, Rangers, all Broadway shows and the Metropolitan Museum combined." Way to go, everyone. So wait, just what is the big threat nightlife needs saving from? Guest of a Guest explains, "The NPC is taking on the fun police to save New York City... right now special interests and unproductive legislation is straining an industry that employs over 20,000 people and supports the local economy."

And the NPC itself declares they want to "create greater awareness of the issues that affect the entire hospitality business, and indeed, the issues that impact NY's image worldwide as the global capital and the City that Never Sleeps." Was there an open bar pouring Absolut Vague before this mission statement was written?