2007_05_arts_parissnl.jpgWhen Judge Michael Sauer sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in prison (which she may not even fully serve), Kathy Hilton asked, "May I have your autograph?" - insinuating he was seeking publicity.

Flash forward to May 5th and over to the East Coast where Sauer's daughter, Michelle, was enjoying Cinco de Mayo with family and friends in Brooklyn. The festivities quickly turned to the Hilton case: “Once my cousins showed up and made sure everyone knew my Dad sentenced Paris to jail, it was all anyone wanted to talk about, the Hiltons are trying to trash our good name.”

Patrick, nephew of the judge, has the story on his blog and chimes in with, "when Michelle gets through with her [Paris] all she’s going to need is a good plastic surgeon." Probably not something his law savvy uncle would suggest saying (threatening?), but hey, we're all for the family that may put a Hilton behind bars. Michelle "invites fans of all that is decent and right to stop by [her café/skate shop] Homage on June 15th for a cup of coffee, a pumpkin cranberry walnut muffin and the chance to blissfully skate away after punching Paris in her clown face." Guess Paris better stay out of New York for a while...which means no explaining herself via SNL appearances.