Superbowl MVP, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is set to host Saturday Night Live tomorrow. Saying, "The only thing I've done live is play football, and that's the best thing I do. I've told everyone those commercials are very taped and very edited, but being live is kind of like a game."

Statistically he's one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but he'll be taking on a new challenge hosting the show. He's been tackling rehearsals all week just like he would a game, and though he's no stranger to acting (he's done many commercials - see below) the live show will be a new experience all together. He's joining a long list of sports figures to host the show, including: O.J. Simpson, Derek Jeter, Lance Armstrong and Andy Roddick. Whatevs is hoping that he does a better job than Tom Brady (who actually had a pretty funny opening monologue when he hosted in 2005).