Saturday Night Live announced today that it will air a third SNL At Home episode this weekend, which will serve as their season finale. You can check out a quick promo, featuring some outtakes from the last episode, below.

With three "at home" episodes having aired over the last month, season 45 will top out at 18 episodes altogether—SNL typically airs 21 episodes in a season, and usually ends later in May. SNL initially shut down production in mid-March in response to the pandemic, postponing three episodes at the time. John Krasinski, who would have hosted the March 28th episode, can probably reschedule to host in the fall when his film A Quiet Place Part II will now be released, though it's anyone guess if audiences will be crowding into Studio 8H by then.

The first extremely lo-fi "at home" SNL episode aired the second weekend in April—upon reflection, it felt like a bunch of depressed people trying to will themselves into making a comedy program on a shoestring budget, which was, to be fair, completely understandable given the circumstances. Overall, it didn't really work as either an episode of SNL or as an assemblage of sketches about the pandemic, but there was something undeniably comforting about having SNL back on air.

The second episode, which aired two weeks ago, was much more successful: there was far better production, sketches really took advantage of the limitations of having a cast isolated from each other and simultaneously had more ensemble pieces allowing the cast to interact, and some of the comedic spark seemed to be back.

Also this weekend: NBC will air a compilation of SNL Mother's Day-themed sketches on Sunday night. So consider your Mother's Day shopping DONE.