And now for your "Saturday Afternoon Gothamist Animal Update":

-We'd heard it before, but the picture in the Times was too cute: Silo and Roy, the Central Park Zoo's famous gay penguins, have split up. Worse, Silo (right) now seems to be partnering with a female penguin named Scrappy (left). But don't worry, there are still four other same-sex pairs of penguins at the Central Park Zoo, including Tango, the female penguin that Silo and Roy raised, who has spent the past two seasons paired with a chick named Tazuni.

-This should probably go without saying, but the Health Department wants to remind you to be wary around animals acting aggressive in the city. It seems they caught a rabid raccoon last week, the first since 2001. Officials think the raccoons are migrating into Queens from Nassau County.

Photograph by Chang W. Lee for the NYTimes.