Former NBC president Scott Sassa is now CEO of Friendster. The Hollywood Reporter writes that his main job will be "building the online success of Friendster into a profitable business by expanding its services and user base." Yeah, like, fixing those damn servers! Sassa himself said, "The Internet and digital technology are turning the entertainment business upside down. Friendster's mass appeal, viral growth and stickiness will make it one of the brands that will redefine the media landscape." Blah blah blah. Gothamist takes an interest in Scott Sassa because, while he did agree to produce Freaks and Geeks, his reign as West Coast entertainment president included a lot of crapalicious fare (as this 2000 Time article by James Poniewozik notes) and he did let Jeff Zucker greenlight Emeril.

2004_06_friendster.jpgSassa worked for Ted Turner, so he's certainly familiar with manic personalities that will be Friendstering him now - he's user 6,724,953! And just out of curiosity, how many people out there check Friendster on a daily basis? These days, Gothamist seems to use it to see if the random, unwitting names du jour, like the girl who crapped her pants at the Fox upfront, are on Friendster.

Gothamist on writing Friendster messages.