Fresh off Bastille Day celebrations back home, France's first couple was in the Big Apple this weekend for a relatively social engagement. After a quick discussion of some global issues at the UN, French President Nicholas Sarkozy took some time to jog around the Central Park Reservoir. The Daily News says that Sarkozy "wore skimpy shorts" showing off the "chiseled stems" he needs in order to "keep up with his supermodel wife, Carla Bruni." The trip had been prompted by Bruni's performance at Radio City Music Hall last night's tribute concert to Nelson Mandela on the South African leader's 91st birthday. The French first lady took the stage in her American debut alongside Eurythmic Dave Stewart. Before her first ballad, Bruni told the crowd, "This one's not good for dancing. But it's good for dreaming." The concert also featured pop stars such as Josh Groban, Jesse McCartney and Li'l Kim, who said of the anti-apartheid icon, "He was very instrumental in my experience in prison."