Have you been to check out Sarah Sze's awesome 'Corner Plot' yet? We did a serious double take when we walked by it two weeks ago (its on Fifth Avenue and 60th Street), as did nearly every other person walking down the street, it seemed. The concept for the installation is deceptively simple: Sze built a replica of the top corner of the building across the street and placed it such that it seems to be rising from the sidewalk. But the odd angle it rises from, along with the intriguing view inside of its windows is where the fun is. Totally worth checking out if you can get the chance. The installation, which officially opened May 2nd, will be there for you to gawk at until October 29th.

Want to know more about it? New York had a nice piece a few weeks ago and Science & The City has a pretty good explanation of Sze's method as well.

Corner Plot photo by wheelmaker via Contribute.