Here come the waterworks!

Since 2007, Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" has soundtracked an advertisement for the ASPCA, a non-profit the singer is a spokesperson for. You know the one, because you have weeped watching it. You can probably recall it in your head if you should ever, for some reason, need a good cry. It has traumatized the nation, Sarah McLachlan included. Here, let it break you again:

Every few years someone asks her about the 2-minute ad, which features slow-motion shots zooming in on literal sad puppy dog eyes, clips of injured animals that have suffered abuse, and a plea for your help, which of course you'll give because you're no monster.

This time around she told the blog Makers, "I can’t watch them! It just kills me... the mix of the music and my sad face... it was brutal doing those ads.” On the upside? "I got a whole new audience out of it. I swear I’d be at Target in Missouri at 10 o’clock at night getting off the tour bus and I’d be going down the aisle and these two little old ladies would be like, ‘Are you that dog lady? I love that song!’ Daily. Daily this would happen.”

However, last time McLachlan was asked about the ads, she said, "Do I want to be remembered just for that? Absolutely not. I mean, I love animals absolutely; but, if I want to think about what my legacy would be, it would be more about kids and music, which is sort of my true passion." It was noted at the time that around $30 million was raised for the ASCPA via those ads, which isn't too bad to have on your legacy resume.

Now, here's a palate cleanser to watch while you donate: