Now that roles in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, L.A. Story, and Sex and the City have prepared Sarah Jessica Parker for style icon status, SJP is taking her sensibilities to the Gap. The Gap's fall campaign is centered around SJP's customization of GAP jeans:

On one pair, she added a velvet ribbon sewn down the legs to imitate tuxedo pants. Another one of her customized looks features jeans cut just below the knee and enhanced with a ribbon bow at the hemline. She dresses the jeans up and down with her tops, including a shrunken jacket, a sexy secretary's pink cardigan, a black turtleneck and a white button-down shirt with black piping, to which she added a bow tie.

For the love of God, Gothamist does love being able to customize crap, but we fear people getting the wrong idea about Gap clothing - it's about conformity! And while we love SJP for playing "hey, look at me, I'm wacky and crazy - just see the wacky and crazy stuff I'm wearing" Carrie Bradshaw on SatC, at first glance, this SJP enhanced Gap outfit makes us think she's some kind of wannabe minstral. Hasn't the Gap learned anything from Madonna and Missy Elliott?

AdWeek says other celebrities in the Gap's fall ad campaign include Jessica Alba, Michael Vartan, and Peter Krause. Yummy. And in other crazy news, the Strangers with Candy movie, which will feature a cameo by SJP, started filming in New Jersey.