Newsweek' Newsmakers column decides to ask Sarah Jessica Parker a couple questions and she gets feisty!

There’s a fire at your home, God forbid, and you can save only one pair of shoes. Manolos or Jimmy Choos?
I don’t wear Jimmy Choos. I only ever wear Manolos. [While Gothamist has heard that Manolo Blahnik (or his manager) doesn't give out free shoes, we're sure there's a little kickback to Sex and the City.]

OK. A pair of Manolos or a Kelly bag?
Oh, well, that’s like “Sophie’s Choice.” That’s an impossible situation. [Ah, the classic comparison of choosing which of your two children lives to choosing between accessories. Got it.]

OK. All the shoes or the dog?
The dog. Jesus Christ! Do I appear to be a terribly superficial person, with all these questions about clothes? I have deeper thoughts than what I might put on that day. I’m not my character. I don’t want people to think I spend the better part of the day deciding where to shop. [Hey, Larry David has no problem being perceived as superficial...give it up, SJP.]