Dick Wolf, you sly, sly dog. Who knew that Elisabeth "Lumberyard 'cause I'm So Wooden" Rohm's last episode of Law & Order would be so memorable? District Attorney Arthur Branch basically fired ADA Serena Southerlyn's ass because she was too passionate and not enough fact-focused. As Southerlyn, Rohm looked as shocked as she could, and then said, "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" Hello! Gothamist was sort of hoping that Southerlyn would be killed, but L&O can probably never do that again, so instead, they served up this suckerpunch. Game on.

The forums at Television Without Pity are all a-twitter ("Someone needs to get GLAAD involved in this"). And the new ADA, Annie Parisse, playing Alexandra Borgia, has her bio up on the L&O site - Gothamist has already started thinking about her exit strategies.