Said the little lamb to the blotto shepherd boy who fell into a garbage-strewn snowbank in Hell's Kitchen while attempting to urinate on top of a rat who may or may not be alive: do you hear what I hear? Because what I hear is that SantaCon, certain New Yorkers' favorite excuse to relive their halcyon undergraduate bar-crawling days, is returning to the city for its annual holiday crawl on Saturday, December 8th. Cue up the festive videos of holiday cheer:

And look, there's an animated video announcement for this year:

As with previous years, the parade start location and route will not be revealed until shortly before the actual event—you can check their Facebook for updates on that (you can also check their website more updates). To their credit, SantaCon organizers have done their best to be more transparent about its workings in recent years in the face of increasing hostility from across the city.

And as has become the norm, they encourage people to make a $12 donation to get access to all the official SantaCon NYC venues. As they tout on their website, they've raised over $400K for charity in the last five years, and that's really great! Unfortunately, the charitable veneer may give some participants a license to act even worse. As commenter TimSPC put it a few years back, it's "like, 'this is for charity, I'll pee where I want to!'"

Having covered SantaCon over the years, we are all too aware that it's not all candy canes and sugar plums—we've borne witness to plenty of coal-worthy conduct from participating Santa-bros: drunken brawling, a frightening amount of MAGA apparel, more nightmare street fights, and the occasional robbery. Oh, and of course, Duane Reade handjobs.

SantaCon organizers made an effort to self-police participants' behavior, with a code of conduct for Santas. And this remains the single greatest SantaCon-related video in history: