SantaCon 2015 is in rearview mirror, passed out along the side of the road. Deep exhalation. You may now wash the unblemished lamb's blood off of your doorposts and walk the streets free from fear that Long Island bros wearing antlers will militantly demand a high five from you.

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But it's never too early to start preparing your soul for next year's SantaCon—in fact, the event's organizers are already starting to get everything ready for SantaCon 2016. In a press release sent out today, they celebrate Saturday's festivities while also ominously promising more to come:

Santacon NYC 2015 was blessed with its best weather yet, a huge turnout and, per NYPD only a few minor disturbances during our event. Beginning in WIlliamsburg's McCarren Park and later transitioning to the East Village, the official route and venues all reported relatively orderly fun and a wealth of positive interactions. Again, Our organization worked in conjunction with the NYPD, Parks Department, city officials as well as several NYC area art collectives. The event has transitioned, becoming a more widely supported expression of the holiday season. A celebration, that invites all to join, if they want to share in the season’s festive spirit.

The Santacon Charity Drive again was a significant success with the participation of over 40 official venues and donations by a vast majority of the santas, elves, reindeer and the many other holiday characters. A full report is forthcoming but all proceeds will go to support City Harvest, Materials for the Arts, Dance Parade and the Ali Forney Center. For 2015, Santacon NYC was gratified by more “balanced” reporting. We understand the "Bad Santa" narrative makes for easy and often funny copy but we are glad that journalists also describe the exceedingly positive spirit and the many creative people who make such an effort every year.

For 2016, Santacon NYC has already reached out to the concerned elected officials inviting any who are truly interested in NYC's creative culture to get involved during the off­season and demonstrate their interest in assisting us. The 2015 team will soon disband and any who want to get involved in 2016 should reach out to Kristopher Kringle at

That's right, now is your chance to get in on SantaCon on an organizational level. Remember, if you don't do your part to make SantaCon a better place, you have no right to complain about it. You can't stand still on a moving sleigh, people. GET INVOLVED.