A day after announcing that they've hired famed civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, SantaCon organizers say they're scaling back this year's raucous street party. Acknowledging the awkwardness of holding a frivolous pub crawl on the same day as a massive protest against police brutality, one SantaCon organizer tells us, "This is a different year."

SantaCon organizers say that tonight they'll post a list of bars on their website that are welcoming Santas, and they're encouraging participants to only patronize these establishments, and to keep their revelry inside. From their statement:

Due to the planned protests on Saturday, Santacon is scaling back this weekend's festivities in order to create the lowest possible impact on the city we love while still maintaining our glorious traditions this holiday season.

Santacon has respect and compassion for the hard-working municipal organizations of NYC, as well as for the important civil rights demonstrations currently shaping our city’s future. Thus, we are changing the format of this year’s Santacon.

This evening, all participating Santacon bars and venues will be announced on nycsantacon.com. Their halls will be decked, and they’ll be ready and waiting for Santa to come down their chimneys. PLEASE PATRONIZE THESE VENUES ONLY. If a venue isn’t on this list, it’s because they don’t want you there. Please move around throughout the day from venue to venue but spend most of your time inside, not on the streets.

If you’ve already contributed $10 to charity through the Santacon website, you’ll receive information about a special SantaThon we have planned just for you. If you haven’t… don’t be a Scrooge! Donate now so you can join the fun before we reach capacity and sell out of Santa Stamps.

Finally, it’s more important this year than ever to pace yourself, watch out for your elves, and stay safe. Fighting, public urination, and vandalism are unacceptable and a great way to ensure that there will be no Santacon in 2015. #DontScroogeSantacon

If Santa doesn’t Scrooge Santacon, we have even bigger plans for next year!

Asked if SantaCon would break from longstanding tradition by not coordinating a central gathering of Santas at a specific place and time, the organizer said, "We're still negotiating that. It's hard to give up what we've done in the past, but we understand that this is a different year." SantaCon's attorney, Norman Siegel, says he plans to attend SantaCon as a legal observer, and he told us yesterday, "People need to be able to express themselves and do it within the parameters of the First Amendment."

"This year SantaCon reached out to community boards, the Parks Department, DOT, MTA, and the NYPD, and they've all given us similar feedback: this is a stressful time for New York City, and we are in the midst of a protest that is spreading the NYPD thin," Santa adds. "SantaCon has compassion for these civic organizations and is working with them to have a peaceful and joyful holiday celebration."

It's so far unclear where the majority of SantaCon will happen, but some bars in Hell's Kitchen may be welcoming Santa. Yesterday the chair of Community Board 4, Christine Berthet, sent out a fiery statement insisting that SantaCon "is NOT working with the police, elected officials and community. If they were they would not be in CB4 and Hell’s Kitchen. While SantaCon may be a short-term boon to a select group of local businesses, the event has become known for the negative impact it has on the community and the unwanted behavior of its participants, such as vomiting in the streets, public urination, vandalism and littering."

The NYC "Millions March," which is demanding the U.S. Department of Justice pursue federal charges against the officer who killed Eric Garner on Staten Island, begins in Washington Square Park on Saturday at 2 p.m. SantaCon organizers say they'll reveal their event's locations later today.