Sure, we complain every year when the merry bingedrinkers of SantaCon make parts of Manhattan a living hell for everyone else to traverse all because they want an excuse to get day-drunk en masse. But this year, they've come up with a SantaCon innovation that may be the solution to our SantaConundrum: official SantaCon party yachts!

This is perfect, don't you see?! Everyone will be happy if all the SantaCon revelry was quarantined to the high seas. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan!! Does anything sound better than being trapped at sea with hundreds of seasick bros doing Goldschläger shots? Not to this bro!!! Forget all about that lame Manhattan bar crawl, and all those withering looks people give as you vomit into a trash can , and do this. Please do this. I beg you.

They write on Instagram: "Switch things up this year & party on a boat! Santa sets sail aboard 5 amazing party yachts at the Skyport Marina! Dance to a LIVE band & DJs as short cruises around the river depart every hour starting at 11am." They say that around 2,000 people can fit onto the five boats. You have to be over 21, and the whole thing is free thanks to sponsor Fireball whiskey, which also happens to be the official sponsor of getting blacked out in your 20s.

Check out the promo for the event below, which of course features The Lonely Island classic, "I'm On A Boat" (but without any of the irony).

This year's NYC SantaCon is happening on Saturday December 14th— as with previous years, the bar crawl's start location and route will not be revealed until shortly before the actual event, so you can check their Facebook page for updates on that (you can also check their website for more updates). Get more info about this year's event here, but honestly it's so boring, you should just go on the boat. Please go on the boat.