2004_12_artssantacon2004.jpgDon't be alarmed if this Saturday you get trampled by a herd of Jolly 'ol St. Nicks. The 7th annual Santa convention, Santacon, will be starting at 10am right here on our very own Island of Misfit Toys.
Santa's are encouraged to be surly, yell, sing naughty carols and experiment with interpretive dance in front of traffic...all whilst drinking in bars and out of flasks. We can only imagine the scarring this will cause any child that turns a corner to find hundreds of drunk Santas with loose lips and an unending supply of limericks.
Want to join in but can't find that last minute Santa suit? It's okay, dress up as an elf, a reindeer, Hannakuh Harry or any holiday themed character at all. Santacon is very accepting of other costumes, as long as you have spirit! And by spirit we mean alcohol. Also, we are told that 9 out of 10 Santas "get some". We don't know what that means though, "get some", we're being good this year...we really want a new iPod. And a digital camera.
Anywho, we suggest that you hit the Ted Leo show in full Santa gear that night. The show's sold out but if you have a ticket and have a Santa suit, please please do both. We want to see the Bowery filled with drunk Santa's fist pumping to Counting Down the Hours.

Of note: Santacon hits "tha D" on the 18th. We triple dog dare you to go. We're betting on at least 8 fights within the first hour. Yeah, we saw the Pistons game.

For more info on the NYC Santacon email santacon.nyc.2004@gmail.com

More info can also be found here.

Ever participated in Santacon? Let us know, we're thinking about doing it...