2005_12_arts_santacon.jpegHappy December! It wouldn't be the holidays if there weren't a troupe of drunk Santa's tripping down the sidewalks and groping innocent bystanders. We're not talking about the streetcorner Santa's, we're talking about SantaCon!

We wanted to give you plenty of time to put together your Santa costume for this years event. If you can't find a legit costume, just put on some red comfy pants and a beard. The point of Santacon is to get really really really drunk (or in North Pole terms...to get your name moved from the "nice" to the "naughty" list.) At least, that's how we understand it.

From the Santacon HQ (which we're imagining is at the Magician):

Ho-Ho-Ho! Hey all you bad Santas! After much tinkering in the toy shop with assorted social calendars, Santa is thrilled to announce his annual spreading of good beer, er, cheer. Febreze your smelly Santa suits, sanitize those Pine-Sol bottles, whip up a few offensive toys for not-so-tots and make sure you're in shape for a non-stop scenic stroll through the streets of New York City.

This year the event is on December 10th. So fill your flasks with egg nog and rum and stay tuned to the SantaCon site for meeting place info.