At Grand Central Terminal, an exhibit of Gina LeVay's photographs of the "sandhogs" - the miners who are building the the city's Third Water Tunnel - will shown through Saturday. The Third Water Tunnel has been under construction in 1970, and it is not expected to be ready until 2020; the city's first and second tunnels actually leak in many places, thus necessitating the third water tunnel so repairs can be mad to the two others. LeVay has been taking photographs for the past two years, and the exhibit includes life-size photographs of the miners.

LeVay also has a website for The Sandhog Project, including a blog. The city actually has an extensive Third Water Tunnel site. There was a WNYC feature about the exhibit, which includes interviews with some sandhogs, who know the dangers of mining all too well (24 people have died since the start of the Third Water Tunnel Project). More details about tunnels #1 and #2. And when it's done, the Third Water Tunnel will be the longest tunnel in the country, at over 60 miles long.