The San Gennaro Festival is underway (Neil emailed us this picture he took with his cameraphone) but even though the festival is trying to distance itself from mob associations, it's a hard task, especially when being in the mob is kind of hip (hello, Tony Soprano). The NY Times' Dan Barry wrote in his column that the Festival's "Spot the Mobster" game (a "crowd-pleaser") "all but disappeared a decade ago." And the mob has been a big part of the news this week, what with San Gennaro and news that the mob was on the take in the MTA headquarters development job downtown. The news of the mob's involvement with the MTA job shouldn't have been shocking to jaded New Yorkers, but since mobsters have taken on sort of a sentimental, warm and fuzzy look (think about this Godfather horse head prop pillow). These depictions are making many Italian American organizations unhappy, but Gothamist just wants to say we should all enjoy some spicy sausage and gelato (have the Pepto on hand, though) over the weekend. And remember, you can't win at the ring toss.

More details of the festival here. And processions for the Feast of San Gennaro start at The Most Precious Blood Church.