This has been a stressful political week/year/eternal election season. But last night Samantha Bee managed, as always, to alleviate some of the nightmare, digging into the alt-right's love affair with The Orange One. This white supremacist enthusiasm is a total mystery to Donald Trump—who's threatened to ban Muslims and called Mexicans rapists—since he's the self-proclaimed, "least racist person you've ever met," but, shrug!

Bee says the Trump campaign has given racists "a safe space, where they can come out of their hidey-holes and let their freak flags fly." Before the election, Bee points out, Trump was merely "white pride-curious," RTing a few dozen white supremacists—of course, once Alt-Right Fuhrer Steve Bannon got involved with the Trump campaign, Trump managed to kick over the rock under which the Alt-Righters dwelled, unleashing them upon the Twitterverse.

The election is exactly one week away, and even if Hillary Clinton manages to get elected, we still have to live with the folks cheering, "Jew-S-A" and hate-tweeting images of journalists' young children getting shoved into concentration camp ovens. Of course, if Trump's elected we probably won't have to worry about any of this, since we'll all be serving time in the Gulag.