When he's not busy not mucking up American diplomatic relations and launching strange vendettas, President-elect Donald Trump spends his fleeting transition time proliferating massive untruths about voter fraud. Samantha Bee dug into some of Trump's rants last night, noting: "One of the major questions being debated in our country today is whether it's okay for the President to lie his fucking face off 24 hours a day." But it's fine, Reince Priebus is cool with it!

As Bee points out, there's no evidence suggesting massive voter fraud, and Trump's information is coming from a widely rebutted study that even the RESEARCHERS claim Trump misread. Also, InfoWars! But claims of voter fraud are nothing new, since Fox News talking heads and the like need to scare people to clear the way for more voting restrictions.

Meanwhile, now we have crazy people—our future president included—spouting total lies all over the place, and unhinged folks are increasingly replacing facts with conspiracy theories. How's that going for us?