Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was moved from Monday to Wednesday this week to give her team time to tear the first presidential debate to shreds—and THANK GOD, because no one goes after sexism on display like late night's....only....female host.

On Monday night, over 100 million people watched an unprepared idiot—who thinks he's hot shit because he was born loud, rich and white—repeatedly interrupt Clinton, tell her she doesn't have the right "look," and claim she has no "stamina" which, ha, hilarious. Before the debate, Clinton was set up to fail, with the multiple articles dissecting how difficult it could be for her to appear presidential while lacking the one thing all other presidents have had—a Y chromosome.

And after the debate, Clinton still got ragged on for being "too" smiley, "too" prepared, and "too" much like your super uncool school librarian, even though He Who Must Not Be Named spent the debate sniffing, sniveling, lying, interrupting, and obfuscating like the "bigly" jerk he is.

Anyway, Bee ripped them all a new one, including moderator Lester Holt, who helpfully disappeared for most of the debate. Sucks that Hermione Clinton came prepared, huh, Donald Malfoy?

Bee also ragged on Mr. Sniffles B. Stamina for taking Clinton's bait:

And, of course, she attacked the "Pageant Moms of Punditry," who just can't stop knocking points off Clinton's performance:

"Save us from fascism, but don't be a bitch about it." Samantha Bee should be on every night. HEAR THAT, TREVOR NOAH? EVERY NIGHT.