2006_08_samchampion.jpgSam Champion, the WABC 7 meteorologist weathercaster (thanks for correcting, Toby) (not the band), will be the new Good Morning America weathercaster. Crain's reports that since Champion has been at WABC for 18 years, "his imminent departure could hurt the station as it competes with WNBC and WCBS." Gothamist would have to agree - Sam Champion is a cornerstone of the local NYC weather. The only current city weathercasters we know off the top of our head is Janice Huff. (Sure, we know Dr. Frank Field - and his son Storm - and Mr. G, but that's from their days on WCBS and WNBC.) We suppose Sam is eyeing the Al Roker transition (remember when he was the WNBC 4 weatherman?) but we'll miss seeing him on Columbus Avenue before and after his tapings.

And for something bizarre, this is a YouTube clip of Eyewitness news personalities during the 1990s (we think) set to the "Growing Pains" theme song, sharing that laughter and love.