Saint Morrissey

In honor of Morrissey's NY stand at the Apollo Theatre, Gothamist directs your attention the new book, Saint Morrissey, written by Mark Simpson, the brilliant man who unwittingly brought the world the word "metrosexual." There's an excerpt of the "psycho-bio" in Salon:

Of all the attention Steven Patrick Morrissey has garnered, he is perhaps best known for not doing the nasty. His abstinence is seen as symbol, proof and cause of his eccentricity. After all, in an age utterly obsessed with and possessed by SEX, such party-pooping is inconsiderate, anti-democratic, downright unhealthy, and, well, positively sinful. And in a pop star who hasn't been knighted and whose main audience isn't grandmums, it's actually heretical.

Praise for the book

(it's only making its U.S. appearance now), see the new Morrissey video (via Stereogum, who calls it "Morrissey Week") and photos of the Apollo from rion. And Morrissey is a prototypical quirkyalone...well, duh.