2005_11_arts_floatinggates.jpgBack in September Robert Smithson's Floating Island was followed by a replica of the Gates gates (attached to an outboard motor.) Shoving off from DUMBO, with it's saffron flag waving in the wind, it sailed free on the water chasing the island. From November 18 through December 22, the boat with its makeshift saffron sail will be on display along with a film that documents the adventure. As the press release states, "It's about artists on the fringe, overly regulated public space, and firm opinions on a lot of bad public art."

The best art is, after all, temporary and well publicized. Oh wait, no, the best art is by artists that are dead already, right? We don't know, but if you like cheap publicity stunts and the color saffron...then this is for you.

Fun fact: Floating Island cost $200,000. The (real) Gates cost a purported 23 million.

November 18th to December 22nd // Redhead [125 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor]