Chappy wants you to have sex—safe sex.

Let’s face it—people have sex. Some do it indoors, some prefer au naturale and take it outdoors. (But please not in public in NYC!) Feeling festive, some even do it in costume. Gay, straight or anything in between, whatever and whoever you like, one thing is for certain: when the mood strikes, you need to use protection and #DressthatD.

Last year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were more cases of STIs in the US than ever before. Still, safe sex just isn’t something that's talked about enough. Gay dating app Chappy is looking to change that. That’s why, this October Chappy is taking sex education viral to change how the public thinks about being safe under the sheets with its latest campaign “Dress that D.”

Teaming up with 16 of the most popular artists on Facebook and Instagram (like the famous street artist Baron Von Fancy you've seen on walls in SoHo), the community-conscious Chappy shows that using protection is not only smart, but can be a work of art. Each of the artists used their signature style to start a conversation about protection by showing how they dress that D. Viewers will never look at safe sex in the same way again.

Check out some of the best pieces below and check out Chappy today!


Jessica_ DressTheD_Still_101617_3_preview.jpg



To see all #DressThatD art, click here and look up the hashtag on Instagram!

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