Photos by Daniel Albanese

Just when we were so happy to have Sad Panda back in our lives, reader Daniel Albanese sends us these photos of Spongebob Squarepants. Our first thought was, no big deal, it's not like this city isn't big enough for the two of these guys. However, prepare to have your minds blown here: Sad Panda and Spongebob Squarepants are one in the same. Right?

First of all, they're in the same spot, and never at the same time; secondly, eagle-eyed Albanese points out that their tip signs are a little bit too similar (just look at the colors and handwriting). If true, and let's face facts, it is, then this is sad news for Sad Panda lovers citywide. Why? The Sad Panda is a pure, elusive symbol onto which New Yorkers can project all their hopes and fears; Spongebob is a ubiquitous Viacom marketing tool. So this revelation makes Sad Panda a sell-out, and that's just sad.