Looks like all the pleas and protests from architectural preservationists didn't help: the Tunnel Garage demolition has begun. They've already taken out the terra-cotta Model-T emblem on the front, and started demolishing the top story. The interior is totally cleared out, and it looks like workers have begun hammering away at the internal ramps. At this rate, the lot will be entirely empty in a week or two.

There's a bit of controversy over where the car medallion will end up-- the property owners want to put it in the lobby of the new tower they are building, but community activists want to see it in a more public setting. The Villager reports:

Berman rejects the use that Bob Esnard, a representative of Broome Thompson LLC, the property’s owner, said the owner is proposing for the medallion — to locate it inside the lobby of the new residential building slated to go up at the location.

“It would be a very nice gesture on his part to make sure it is preserved in perpetuity in a place where the public can see it,” Berman said. “It’s the public who should be able to appreciate it.”

Also in doubt is whether the artifact will make it down from its high perch intact.

“It has some very serious cracks through it, so it’s taken a very long time to try to pull it off. We’re just starting the removal and if it stays together we will preserve it and use it in our new building,” said Esnard.