Another cow moves on to that great barnyard in the sky today, as word comes from the Prospect Park Zoo that their beloved cow, Aggie, has passed away.

Aggie, a Dexter cow, died of old age—she was 18, and most Dexter cows live to be 15-20. Aggie spent her whole life in the Barnyard at the zoo, alongside alpacas, sheep and miniature horses. The Zoo notes that Aggie "frequently received letters from admirers in her 'moo box,'" including gosh-darn adorable messages like these: “You are beautiful and I would never want to eat you" and “Dearest Agatha you are the color to my rainbow…”

A zoo spokeswoman earlier this summer said that "She's a diva...As soon as children come... she really does respond. It's almost as if she knows the kids are her audience." Denise McClean, director of the Zoo, said in a statement, "Aggie will be greatly missed." A zoo representative told us that the animal department is still deciding whether they will replace Aggie with another cow.