2005_04_ARTSspellingbee.jpgGothamist remembers when Rebecca Sealfon won the National Spelling Bee. She captivated audiences world wide, and even had an Obey Giant sticker of her own. We're thinking she may have also had a little something to do with inspiring this event.

Every other Monday for the past few months word mavens, twenty/thirty-something (we hate the word too) hipsters and perhaps Sealfon fans, have been flocking over to Pete's Candy Store for PBR and...spelling bee's! Tomorow night will be no different, except for that it's the FINALS. That's right, the Williamsburg Spelling Bee finals, where only one speller will reign victorious. Past winners have included a librarian, an SAT teacher, and an ESL instructor.

The bee is emceed by singer (and found of the bee) bobbyblue and spoken word performer Jennifer Dziura. The weekly competitors compete for a paid bar tab but tomorrow the stakes are raised. The winner will receive a cash prize, and prizes donated by neighborhoodies, The Strand, Jigsaw Gallery, ReadyMade Magazine, and the Brooklyn Museum. It just...got...interesting.

Pete's Candy Store is located at 209 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg,
Brooklyn, and also hosts Scrabble and trivia nights. Get there at 7:30pm for the lexical throwdown tomorrow night.