ryan mcginley loves sacerI was looking through some of the pictures from the Ryan McGinley show, and I couldn't help but notice that about 50% are of the young graf artist Sacer who I used to see running around LES with his on-again-off-again partner Earsnot. From about 2000-2002 you couldn't go to an Alife opening or a Deitch Projects show without seeing them everywhere. It's funny that I never noticed that they had a personal photographer in tow. I can't think of any other graf artists that travel with that kind of entourage. I mean, guys like REVS are way too crazy to have someone tagging along with them, and most of the old school guys aren't living that kind of lifestyle. I'll say one thing for Sacer though- he sure has good hair. Another fact: I'm pretty sure the two of them were the first guys in NYC to consistently use glass etching fluid to catch tags.