This week Bradley Cooper was named 2011's Sexiest Man Alive, but many believe Ryan Gosling was robbed of the title he so deserved. And it's true, even if Cooper can speak fluent French. So far this year Gosling has stopped violence with his bare hands, walked his dog, dated a lot of beautiful actresses, and... other stuff, probably.

On that note, Gosling fans are headed to People Magazine's headquarters here in New York City (1271 Avenue of the Americas) to protest their cover—the group has a Facebook page to help organize their protest, which will take place at 1 p.m. today (there's even a mask you can print out and wear). But if you've got better things to do, you can still show your support by signing this petition, which declares: "We believe People Magazine made a huge mistake by choosing Bradley Cooper as the 2011 Sexiest Man Alive. 2011 was clearly the year of Ryan Gosling and we demand that People Magazine give Ryan his own magazine cover. Together, we can right this wrong."

If People doesn't turn their decision around, the least they could probably do is fund this public art project.