Ryan Adams, creator of the most anticipated and beautiful cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 Of Our Time, appeared on the Daily Show last night, where he performed "Blank Space," "Bad Blood," and "Style." And it was quite lovely, if not quite as entertaining as new host Trevor Noah's surprisingly steady Donald Trump takedown. See below:

He dedicated Blank Space to "Sandra Bullock's character in The Net," a film that came out when Taylor Swift was five.

Noah, who assumed hosting duties on Monday, told the Hollywood Reporter last week that Adams's 1989 cover was kind of like the Daily Show's re-imaging in its new post-Jon Stewart era. "He’s done in essence what we’ve done here — he's taken something that was loved by many, cherished by many, and has created a new version of it for himself," Noah said. "And people have gone, 'Wow, this is amazing. We can still like Taylor Swift but we can also like Ryan Adams' 1989." Of course, Tay's album is still better than Adams's, but never mind that, now.

In other news, Ryan Adams needs a haircut.