Courtney Love—who may or may not have negotiated a real estate deal to buy Milla Jovovich's West Village townhouse via Twitter—is still taking heat for her X-rated Twittering. Earlier this month Love posted a photo of herself practically nude, and when asked about it this week, her pal Russell Simmons told the NY Post:

"I think she is a sweet girl... It's probably exciting to be a crackhead, I wouldn't say I was a crackhead but I did smoke a lot of crack. I had fun smoking a lot of angel dust.

Right now I'm a monk. I'm boring, I'm on a green juice fast at this moment so I'm a little high now. I had a double shot of ginger, which makes you a little flighty."

Love then commented on the comment, saying, "I'm fairly insulted that he associates me with that drug. What does that mean?" Seems like Russell may have more issues than Courtney right now, but what we do want to know is, why is she so skinny again? She posted this photo of herself last night, looking awfully thin.