2005_06_russellcrowe.jpgIt was too quiet on the Russell Crowe front, and perhaps after seeing the spades of publicity given to his Cinderella Man co-star get and another wannabe tough guy actor for maybe groping a lady's butt, Crowe decided to break into the tabloids. He was arrested at the Mercer Hotel after allegedly throwing a phone at a hotel employee. Reports say the actor was frustrated after not being able to phone home (Australia?), and the airborne phone hit an employee in the face at around 4:20AM this morning. Clearly, the Mercer Hotel didn't give the "When Russell Crowe Stays Here" pitcher's masks as part of their uniform. This isn't Crowe's first brush with terrorizing a SoHo hotel: In 2002, his assistant apparently freaked out at 60 Thompson when there was no more chicken paillard (gasp!) - not to mention that a fruit basket wasn't up to his standards. However, Crowe is very fond of downtown hotels... Gothamist remembers hearing a rumor that he was interested in buying a suite at 60 Thompson or the SoHo Grand. Anyway, Gothamist recommends that Crowe get a better cellphone plan that can work in the U.S. and Australia - then he can just throw the cellphone on the ground in frustration.

Earlier on Sunday, Russell was at a British boxing event, which means he hustled to get to NYC to be a pest/godsend to the tabloids.

Photograph from Reuters