2005_08_rupemurdoch.jpgNews that Rupert Murdoch is taking over as the publisher of the NY Post, after son Lachlan has stepped down, makes Gothamist think this would be an awesome, awesome TV sitcom. Think about it: Crotchety billionaire via diversified media with new trophy wife and trophy toddlers rolls up his sleeves again to work amongst the ink stained wenches at the local city paper, clashing with the wacky employees and culture. We're thinking Dabney Coleman in the lead, with Jenny McCarthy as trophy wife turned office manager, D.W. Moffatt as the smarmy crime reporter, and show-killer Paula Marshall as a frazzled culture editor! NBC's doing badly, we're sure they'd buy it.

The NY Times on how Murdoch never really left the Post and Gawker on how the Murdoch family shuffle is music to the Daily News' ears.