rreynolds08.jpgLast year Katie Holmes ran (or pretended to run) the NYC Marathon, and this year the sweating, panting herd of runners will be graced with the presence of soon-to-be now official Mr. Scarlett Johansson. Joining Team Fox in support of Parkinson's disease (his dad is afflicted), Ryan Reynolds invites one and all to come watch him on November 2nd, adding: "Feel free to bring a smile, automated defibrillator, or a fresh set of nipples." He also writes on the Huffington Post about seeing the marathon in Central Park a few years ago, saying, "I saw an incredible spectacle of people pushed to the very brink of collapse. The pain was etched into their faces so deeply ... I saw guys coming in to finish with bleeding nipples. Why in the hell were their nipples bleeding? People were crying. People were limping, hobbling, screaming, crawling." Good Luck, Ryan!