It's about time: Run-DMC will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow. In 1985 (nine years before the real deal opened) they put out a video for "King of Rock" that showed them trespassing at a fictional rock 'n' roll museum (watch it after the jump). Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC, remembers "people were saying that was kind of prophetic: 'You guys are bound for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of that.' "And now they're being welcomed with open arms.

Of course, they've been honored closer to home in their Hollis, Queens neighborhood, most recently with a prominent display at Hollis Famous Burger's tiny hip-hop tribute museum. DMC talked to NPR about the early days in Hollis, when "it wasn't even hip-hop or rapping yet; it was DJing. The DJs would play until the police would come and go, 'What are you kids doing? You can't have a concert in the park!' " He also talks about how the game has changed, saying "Jay used to say that the thing about hip-hop, about rap, DJing and MCing—about break dancing, the way we dress, the way we communicated—he said it was all-inclusive. It wasn't about having to be rich. You ain't have to be a thug, you ain't have to be black only, you ain't have to break dance. Hip-hop was, 'Come as you are, because here we are for you.' "

The new inductees won't be performing at the ceremony tomorrow, saying they don't want to play without Jam Master Jay, who was murdered in 2002—instead a video tribute will be shown. Believe it or not, they are only the 2nd hip-hop group to be inducted—the LA Times has a list of those who may follow. As for Run-DMC, the screenwriter of Notorious is said to be working on a movie about them.