After missing a shot at the crown, er, dish last year, a five-year-old German Shepherd named Rumor Has It won Best In Show at the 141st Westminster Dog Show. The best-in-show judge said, "The German shepherd standard talks about quality and nobility. When you recognize it, it hits you at home, and that's what it really is. She is just magnificent."

Rumor, who is named for the Adele song, actually came out of retirement to compete this year (a year where there were actually cats!); according to ESPN, "Rumor pulled off something of a shocker. She had been at home in Wisconsin for months, a house pet headed toward having puppies, when she suddenly jumped back into the show ring in January... The 5-year-old Rumor beat out a Norwegian elkhound, a Pekingese, a miniature poodle, an Irish setter, a boxer and a Norwich terrier in the final ring. The Irish setter called Adrian finished second."

The only other German Shepherd to win best in show was one named Manhattan in 1987.

Rumor's handler Kent Boyles said, "She had a pretty good night." And now she's having a busy morning—she's on the press circuit!