2006_03_theater.jpgHmm, Gothamist is familiar with wacky antics from fellow moviegoers, but we haven't had to deal with a Broadway play audience that actually yells at the actors. The Daily News listed some recent examples of bad behavior, including one audience member dousing another with water and someone yelling to actor Larry Bryggman during a performance of Festen, saying that he couldn't hear Bryggman during a speech. Oy - we think we remember hearing that some actors (Laurence Fishburne?) would stop performances when he would hear cellphones ring - are we to expect people to put their feet up on the backs of seats next? This kind of strange behavior seems more endemic to people paying mad money for mainstream Broadway shows, while smaller off-Broadway shows seem less infected, perhaps because of the smaller venues and stronger camraderie.

Have you come across nutty theatergoers? And in other theater etiquette news: At the hottest ticket in town, Three Days in Rain with Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper, the theater will not allow late arrivals, so fashionably late does not apply, folks.