You’ve heard it described, now two filmmakers are ready to give us a rare glimpse into the bizarre saga of NYC’s infamous rubber room. The long-term holding area for misbehaving teachers—fodder for many a sordid Post expose—is the subject of a documentary premiering soon, and the tabloid got a sneak peak. "It's like a jail for teachers," one rubber-room hostage says in the film. "We have constant fights," says another. "Yesterday, three fights broke out." See a trailer below.

Justin Cegnar and Jeremy Garrett started working on the film five years ago, inspired by a colleague of Garrett’s, disciplined for checking out a student’s rear (a common scenario apparently). In the guise of a booted teacher, Garrett got into the Rubber Rooms and started filming. He and Cegnar, a web designer, hope their film will out the little-known institution for its huge waste of city funds and resources. Still, Cegnar says, "I'm sympathetic toward everyone [involved], because it sucks for everybody." The pair is still looking for a distributor, but you can attend their premiere on April 16 at Puck Building.