"When you are young and you break up it is powerful and it feels like the world is ending," Jon Stewart told Robert Pattinson over a pint of liquid ice cream on last night's Daily Show. "This is the first time I've seen the world actually react that way. It is insanity." Stewart, of course, was talking about that whole public "trampire" thing that Pattinson's girlfriend and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart had with her older, married Snow White director (or are KStew and Rpatz exes now? We can't keep up). Oh, and JStew and Pattinson also discussed the actor's new David Cronenberg movie, Cosmopolis. But let's talk about other people's personal business first!

Ok, so the eight minute interview doesn't go particularly deep, but what were you expecting? The actor admits that his "biggest problem in life is that I'm cheap and I didn't hire a publicist," which makes small talk tricky. He also tells the influential late night comedian that Stewart is "actually confused about what the real issues in America are." Because clearly this is a Twilight world. Or something.

About six minutes into the interview the pair do finally talk about Cosmopolis—without even mentioning that freaking Don DeLillo wrote the novel. But on the plus side, Pattinson seems happy about the flick, telling Stewart "I don't think this has ever been made before and I don't think it'll ever get made again." He also says that he doesn't think "you can explain the plot," which is odd since if it matches the book (and we hear it does) it really isn't that hard to sum up [SPOILER ALERT?]: A very rich young man takes his limo across Manhattan to get a haircut. The end.

Then, after doing his time on the Daily Show, Pattinson headed over to MoMA, where fans had patiently been waiting for days in order to see the NYC premiere of the new movie (which opens in New York and LA on Friday). It seems his limo made it across town safe and sound, so you can finally put down those prayer beads and clean up the remains of your animal sacrifice.