Gentlemen, don your finest Adidas sweatsuits and ladies, start drawing on that black eyeliner, because Wes Anderson's charming film The Royal Tenenbaums is turning 10 this year, and you can celebrate (or mourn how old you suddenly feel) with the cast this fall at the New York Film Festival.

As IndieWire notes, Tenenbaums was Anderson's mainstream breakthrough, after he gained a cult following for Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, and it remains his biggest box-office hit to date. The NYFF was the site of the world premiere of the movie in 2001, and while Festival organizers haven't announced who exactly will be reuniting, this is poised to draw some big names. (And possible mayoral candidates—don't forget that Alec Baldwin narrates the film.)

Other special anniversary honoree screenings include two for Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, 10 years, and Castle in the Sky, 25 years), James Ivory (Howard's End, 20 years) and Luis Buñuel (The Exterminating Angel, 50 years). Before you buy your tickets, be sure to review this tour of the Tenenbaum family's spectacular house in Harlem.